January 17, 2009

Sprint Veloce 150

Vespa Sprint 150 Veloce 1974

My Vespa Sprint 150 Veloce 1974 is the smoothest and best vespa scooter on the road that I have. Although it is still a 150 scooter, it got better performance than most other 150 vespa's. Comparing with other vespa scootrs, vespa sprint 150 veloce is still ahead, in the other word that they are not as smooth ride as the Vespa Sprint 150 Veloce.

The Vespa Sprint 150 Veloce is also a handsome looking scooter, where when you are riding this type of scooter you are going to get more attention from other riders since your riding style will be more eye-catching.

In addition to those amazing Sprint Veloce, it is recommended to vespa lovers to have this type since this vespa is low fuel consumption, easy traffic riding and a hot summer day cruise. Enjoy your vespa scooters, enjoy your Vespa Sprint 150 Veloce.

When you compare beween vespa sprint 150 and vespa sprint 150 veloce, you will see different style of head. Sprint veloce has circle head and there is a green indicator surrounded by aluminium ring in the top of the bar speedomenter. You will also find bigger carburetor size than vespa sprint 150, where veloce carburetor size is slightly bigger but more economic fuel consumed.

For any body who likes mechanical information for this lovely vespa sprint 150 veloce, here are basic data info for your reference.

S p e c s: VLB1T 1969 - 1979 engine: single cylinder, air cooled 2-stroke barrel: 3 transfer ports induction: disc valve bore: 57 mm stroke: 57 mm cubic capacity: 145.5 cc compression ration: 7.7: 1 bhp at rpm: 7.7 @ 5200 lubrication:2%(USA autolube) transmission: 4 speed constant mesh 1st gear: 14.46: 1 2nd gear: 10.28: 1 3rd gear: 7.36: 1 4th gear: 5.36: 1 clutch: wet - multiplate carburetor: Dell'Orto SI 20/20D ignition: contact breaker & coil ignition timing: 22 deg. BTDC breaker gap: 0.3 - 0.5 mm voltage: 6 volt